Ali Kermani



What I do

I am the Vice President of New Initiatives at Razor USA. My responsibilities include being a toy designer, sports team manager, film-maker, product tester, company spokesperson and a trick/demo rider. I’m also responsible for the creation of the Razor Crazy Cart, which First News readers voted one of their top toys last Christmas.

How I got my job

Seventeen years ago, while skating at one of our local skate parks in Southern California, I noticed a man struggling to film some skateboarders. When he sat down to take a break I struck up a conversation with him and offered to help him get the right shots. Two years later he contacted me about being the demo rider and first employee at his new scooter company, Razor. 

What I love about my job

Besides the obvious fact that I am surrounded by toys all day, I love the creative freedom I am allowed at Razor. Though it has taken years of hard work, I am now allowed to work on the projects of my choosing and carry them out however I see fit. As such, my team and I are usually very busy having fun, laughing, and enjoying the successes that come with a passion for your work. 

What’s difficult about my job?

One of the biggest challenges I face is getting others to see and support the vision I have. So, for example, although pretty much everyone I come across now looks at the Crazy Cart as an obvious winner, it took me nine years of pushing through people telling me it would never happen and that I was crazy, before I finally succeeded in bringing this amazingly fun item to market.

What skills I need

Confidence, persistence, patience, creativity, a good sense of humour, and above all, a passion for fun!

Where to start

Since each person’s path will be as unique as they are, I suggest starting by deciding what you are passionate about before setting out on your journey to achieve it. Next, I’d strongly suggest paying attention in school and I would suggest being prepared to work your way up through a company.