George Wood
Founder and Managing Director of The Luna Cinema

Summer is the perfect time to catch a film at an outdoor cinema, so we had a chat to the man who came up with the idea for The Luna Cinema.

What is your job?

I am managing director of The Luna Cinema, which means I’m basically responsible for putting on open-air cinema events around the country.

How did you get your job?

I started the company that now employs me!

What do you love about your job?

I love getting to put on really fun events, that people genuinely enjoy. One of the real perks is getting to spend time in some of the country’s most stunning venues. From castles and palaces to parks and heritage sites, you always feel it is a privilege spending time in these places, particularly in the evening when they look even more magical.

What’s difficult about your job?

It’s sometimes stressful due to the amount of work we have on – it’s a seasonal business, so in the summer it is always super busy! The main drawback, if there is one, is not always being able to see friends and family or go to things when work is too busy.

What skills do you need?

To do my job you need to be able to work closely with, and communicate with, a huge variety of people – from the public on site, to sponsors, to venue managers to technicians, and to know how to get the best out of each. You need to be calm under pressure and occasionally you need to be courageous, willing to take risks and to learn by making mistakes, which of course is always the best way to learn!

Where should young people start if they want to do the job, too?

I would say that for anyone looking to do what I do, experience in business and in event management are the two areas to focus on – whether this is through education (there are very good courses in both of these subjects) or through experience, by getting work in that field or even work experience. Either will give you a good taste of this industry so that you can find out if this is for you.

How do you think your job could change in the future?

That’s a good question! My industry, just as with everything these days, is evolving so fast. We are always having to move with the times, find new ways to do things and particularly embrace new technologies. I see a future in open-air events where we streamline the whole process of buying tickets, of purchasing food and drink on site, of communicating with our audiences – it will all become simplified and smarter with new technology. I think it will make things better for the next generation, as long as they still hold on to what makes the event work in the first place, which in my world is that people will always enjoy the experience of watching films in unique places, surrounded by an audience of like-minded people. That is the essence of the event and as long as that remains, all the changes and improvements in technology will only enhance the experience and make it better.

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