Jessica Dore

Product Developer


What I do

I work within the grocery and home care team at Marks And Spencer looking after a variety of products – everything from jam and marmalade, cereals, home baking mixes and baking ingredients to pet food, washing up liquid and toilet roll!

I create new product concepts, develop recipes, taste the product (to ensure it is really delicious!) and make sure that the packaging and design bring the product to life for customers.

My typical day involves…

My days are quite varied but unsurprisingly I spend my time tasting food, which can sometimes be up to four or five hours a day. Usually this is in meetings with suppliers, our food technologists and buyers, where we taste and talk about the new products, how they are developing and what needs to be done next.

What I love

I love getting to travel and look for inspiration either in different cities or at new restaurants. My job has taken me all over the UK and Europe and as far as New York, but seeing new products land in store and hearing customers talk about them with excitement is great!