Neelam Meetcha



What I do

I run a company called All Occasions Gift Wrap, and we offer training courses to individuals and corporate companies. We offer gift-wrapping services and we also offer advice to companies for things like branding in the Christmas season and things in the commercial and advertising world as well. At the moment, the main part of our work is gift-wrapping demonstrations in shops for customers and for brands.

How I got my job

I was working as a lecturer ten years ago and I was quite ill, so I had a day with my sisters wrapping presents, and I really enjoyed it! I didn’t think I had a creative streak until I tried it out! I went online to do some research about it and saw there was a big gap in the market for gift-wrapping services, so I decided to fill it. I bought the domain name to the website, put it all online, and then its popularity shot up!

What I love about my job

I love it when people say: “Wow!” As a company, we want to offer the “wow” factor to everyone we can. I just love seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they bring a gift worth £10 and I make it look like it’s worth £100. The most rewarding thing is definitely seeing people’s faces as we wrap their gifts.

What’s difficult about my job

People find wrapping awkward shapes or awkward presents very difficult, but you can easily use things like tissue paper to work round it and make it a lot easier. The most difficult thing I’ve ever had to wrap is probably Antony Worrall Thompson – people can be quite difficult to wrap up!

Where to start

Another service we offer is to help creative people to turn their hobby into a business. It’s all about establishing yourself in a market and giving it a go. If anybody wants to give anything a go then they just have to go out and try. You have to be passionate, try not to let people put you down or put you off your goal, and just go out there and try it. People are always looking for those who are passionate enough to turn their hobby into a career.

If you want to turn a creative hobby into a business, please visit to find out all you need to know.